Foot Health Facts for Athletes


From the repeated pounding that runners’ feet receive on paved surfaces to the side-to-side motion seen in court sports, there’s no question that athletes’ feet and ankles are prime candidates for injuries.  Whether you participate in sports regularly or are just a "weekend warrior” foot pain should never be ignored! With the increased amount of activity that most athletes do, both in terms of training and participation in their sport, it is no surprise that their feet and legs can take a pounding. As a result, many chiropodists see athletes, both professional and amateur, on a regular basis. For many, wearing the correct footwear for the sport can provide the needed support, or orthotics can be prescribed to provide additional support where required. If you are an athlete and you experience pain, visit a chiropodist for an examination.

What's more, foot anomalies can lead to pain and injury of the shins, knees, hips and lower back, making us injury-prone when we really shouldn't be.

Yes, it's time to start acknowledging the importance of your feet. Today!