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Ontario Society of Chiropodists' Vision Statement

To represent our members as the primary providers of comprehensive quality podiatric medical care in Ontario.

Ontario Society of Chiropodists' Mission Statement

To represent the profession as the primary foot specialists in Ontario by enhancing relationships with the public and other stakeholders.To promote the highest professional standards and to further the profession through education development and research.

Our Early Beginnings...

The groundwork for the association began in 1983, as the first class of chiropodists graduated from the Government of Ontario’s newly established training program. According to Bob Lee (1985 graduate), "The Chiropody Club” as it was referred to, was comprised of a group of chiropodists and students that would gather and discuss issues at various social events. Prior to an official association, Mark Childs was club president.  In 1985 Roger Newell, a British trained chiropodist and teacher at the TIMT chiropody school was appointed the first president of the association under its original name "The Ontario Association of Chiropodists”. Roger Newell wrote the first newsletter, The Instep, for the graduating class in which the 12 graduates were congratulated on their achievements by Queen Elizabeth of England herself. The original board members comprised of two members of each of the two graduating classes (1983, 1984) and teachers from TIMT: Andrew Springer, Mark Childs, Susan McGuire, James Maczko, Margaret Carey and Carol Edmonds. Two members of the 1985 class later joined upon graduation, Bob Lee and Peter Stavropoulos. A general meeting was held January 12th, 1985 at the Scadding Community Centre in Toronto, to discuss proposed bylaws and a code of ethics.  The Instep took on a regular monthly newsletter format in January 1987. Bob Lee was acclaimed the interim president in 1986 until Peter Guy was elected and became the first voted President of the association.   Unfortunately the Ontario Podiatry Association had protection on the original name, "The Ontario Association of Chiropodists”, and it had to be changed. The association temporarily changed its name the "Ontario Academy of Chiropodists” as it applied for incorporation until the name was discovered to be invalid and the current name "Ontario Society of Chiropodists” was agreed upon and accepted for incorporation in September of 1987. The Ontario Society of Chiropodists proudly celebrated it's 30th anniversary in 2015.