Physio Taping Workshop

April 27, 2023, 12:00 - 5:00 PM


Objectives and Course Description:

Spider tape, K-tape and Essity Leukotape-K are brands of Kinesiology taping.   A leader in this tape and research, Essity Leukotape-K has proven benefits for reducing joint pain, improving muscle function and decreasing swelling.   Compliment your chiropody practice by managing patients foot pain and function quickly and effectively.  This course introduces the principles and methods of kinesiology taping with emphasis on ankle and foot conditions.    Participants will then practice taping applications for foot and ankle conditions.  They will learn how Leukotape- K can be combined with other sports tape and how the principles can be incorporated to help other conditions such as diabetic neuropathies and those pertinent to the audience.


At the end of the course participants will:

  1. Understand the principles and basic method of Kinesiology taping
  2. Have the understanding of how kinesiology taping and sports taping can maximize management of foot and ankle conditions
  3. Be able to put into practice taping techniques for the foot and ankle
  4. Learn introductory lymph taping and an overview of complimentary use of Essity Leukotape -K tape with socks/ orthotics for conditions such as diabetic neuropathies and metatarsalgia.



Jennifer Howey is the owner of InsideOut Physiotherapy & Wellness Group in downtown Toronto. An avid believer in health promotion, Jennifer has been featured on CBC, Global National, and multiple presses. She was a lead on Team Medical for the 2015 PanAm/ Para PanAm Games. Jennifer is a National Master trainer for Essity Leuko-tape kinesiology taping where she developed the Advanced Sport, and Foot specific courses. Jennifer believes strongly in the professional contribution of Physiotherapists and has been featured in the Ontario Physiotherapy Association Leadership series. Jennifer enjoys teaching and holds an adjunct lecturer appointment at the University of Toronto. Whether treating Olympic level athletes or the downtown office worker, it is with the principles of lifelong learning, movement and vitality that Jennifer emphasizes with her patients, team and public.

Jennifer Howey, PT, CAFCI, MCPA
Clinical Lecturer, University of Toronto
Clinic Owner
InsideOut Physiotherapy & Wellness Group Inc.