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2024 OSC Procedure Codes and Suggested Fee Guide

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The purpose of the Ontario Society of Chiropodists Procedure Codes and Suggested Fee Guide is to establish an effective method of communication between Chiropody Practices and Insurance Companies processing Extended Health Care Claims on behalf of their members and Chiropody patients.  The Ontario Society of Chiropodists Procedure Codes and Suggested Fee Guide has been  published based  on the scope of practice within Chiropody but also may include items in anticipation of expanded scope of practice.   

The Ontario Society of Chiropodists Procedure Codes and Suggested Fee Guide is to serve only as reference to enable the development of structured and standardized procedure codes, and fee structures that are fair and reasonable to both the patient and the practitioner. The fees listed within this Fee Guide are not mandatory, only suggested, and each practitioner is expected to determine the fees that will be charged for the services performed.

The Ontario Society of Chiropodists Guide to Chiropody Service Codes and Fee Schedule includes specific descriptions of Chiropody procedures along with a corresponding code.  Every effort has been made to list  the most common and relevant procedures within the scope of practice as well as some in anticipation of expanded scope of practice. Practitioners who require assistance in determining which procedure code best matches the treatment provided may contact the OSC for direction.

Use of the Fee guide is strictly voluntary and for reference purposes only. In referencing the Fee Guide any users agree to completely and totally indemnify, not hold to account the OSC, its past, present and future board members, past, present  and future Presidents, associates and affiliates of any kind from any an all harms, loss of income, legal proceedings, insurance claims, blacklisting, or  any other financial, legal or other actual or perceived harms in perpetuity. 





The OSC has provided a copy of an editable Fee Guide for Chiropody Office Use.
Please feel free to download this copy and make changes to the attached document as per your office requirements.

The use of the fee guide is extremely important as we have been informed that certain insurance companies are setting their own billing codes for our services internally while others use our guide online as a reference when assessing claims.

The OSC strongly encourages all chiropodists to implement the billing codes provided on our fee guide in their billing systems and invoices. This step will help provide consistency and recognition of our services within the insurance companies and prevent confusion.