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Membership in the Ontario Society of Chiropodists gives Ontario Chiropodists a united front and a strong professional voice for stakeholders, including government, insurance companies, other health care professions, and the general public.The Ontario Society of Chiropodist is the only provincial association, representing the largest number of foot specialists across Ontario. The Ontario Society of Chiropodist is a non-profit organization. All Board of Directors and Executive are unpaid volunteers.  We are dedicated to enhancing the profession and increasing awareness among Ontarians about the importance of good foot health care.

Membership Advocacy & Representation

The Ontario Society of Chiropodist acts as the only provincial voice for chiropodists in Ontario, serving as a resource for legislative and policy changes affecting chiropodists. The OSC serves the chiropody profession in Ontario in its role as an advocacy organization: generating public awareness about chiropodists, increasing positive media coverage, and advocating on behalf of the profession with key stakeholders, including the College of Chiropodists, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and other government organizations as well as insurers.

As the OSC continues to grow and evolve, its role in representing its members and furthering the profession is essential to navigating the changing political and professional landscape in Ontario.

OSC Directors takes on this responsibility with enthusiasm and a strong commitment to advocate for the profession.

We have numerous committees and task forces working with the Board and staff to achieve our mission and vision. The Society's organizational structure is open, transparent, flexible, and above all, participatory to ensure the profession is engaged in the health care policies and programs that affect current practice and future opportunities.

OSC Committees

  • Continuing Education Conferences Committee
  • Public & Stakeholders Relations Committee
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Diabetes Committee
  • Membership Privileges & Benefits 
  • Insurance Committee

 You can reach the Board through the President at  or contact Carol Ford, OSC Association Manager at  

Membership Options

There are many benefits to joining the OSC. Whether you are a chiropody student, just graduated or ready to become a member, OSC membership gives you access to a wide array of services designed to help you build your practice, including continuing education and a variety of member benefits and discount programs.

Active full membership to the Ontario Society of Chiropodist is granted to any chiropodist who is duly qualified. The individual must be a member in good standings who is practicing in Ontario and is registered as a chiropodist member class under the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.

2021-2022 Membership Dues

  • Full Member - $400
  • Student Member - FREE
  • First Year Graduate (2020) - $100
  • Second Year Graduate(2019) - $200
  • Third Year Graduate (2018) - $300

Please note that the OSC fiscal year is October 1st - September 30 and fees are pro-rated starting in January. 

Membership Privileges and Benefits

OSC Membership has its perks! Don't be surprised by the fact that when you take full advantage of your benefits and discounts, your membership will end up paying for itself!

Continuing Education and Events

In addition to connecting you to colleagues across Ontario, OSC members will be privilege to significant discounts and/or priority registration to events, seminars, workshops, conferences, and continuing education webinars.

OSC Mediation Program

The goal of the mediation committee is to act as an advisory system to practitioners on what to do in order to avoid any further investigation, complication and escalation of a patients complaint.  

OSC Mentorship Program

The group mentorship program allows mentees to benefit from a group of mentors with diverse experience and knowledge. It aims to provide coaching, information sharing and social support within the mentor group and to aid in the professional development of all chiropodists.

OSC Members Communications

OSC Monthly E-Newsletter, OSC Web Forum, OSC Twitter account, Facebook page,  Facebook private group, Pinterest page and Google+.

Ontario Society of Chiropodists Fee Guide

OSC Fee Schedule has been developed in order to establish a guideline for which Chiropodists throughout Ontario are able to bill a fee for services rendered. This is also distributed to insurance companies.

Click here for the latest fee guide

The fee guide is determined based on:

  • the time requirement to perform the service 
  • the level of skill required to perform the service 
  • the cost associated to perform the service 
  • the education level and training required to perform the service 
  • the level of risk associated with performing the service

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Perks & Benefits 

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