Continuing Education

Manual Therapy Workshop

April 27, 2023, 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Manual Therapy for Chiropodists: A Hands-on Approach to Common Foot Conditions (Registration Limited to 16)

- Anatomy refresh
- Refresh and overview of assessments (ranges of motion, fascia and muscles)
- Overview of massage techniques (indications/contraindications/best practices of use)
- Treatment protocols using hands on manual therapy, taping and remedial exercise for the following:
   - plantar fascitis
   - metatarsalgia
   - HAV
   - shin spints
   - post tib tendon dysfunction
   - achilles tendinopathy


PRESENTED BY Antonietta Galati D.Pod.M.

Antonietta graduated from the Michener Institute in 2010 where she received her Advanced Graduate in Podiatric Medicine. Her background includes a degree from York University and diploma in Massage Therapy. She is currently working towards her Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education Management.

Her passion for being at the forefront of care with Chiropody and foot health lead her to become the Clinical Coordinator/Manager at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN, where she concurrently works as management and clinical faculty. This allows her to be on the frontline of education in the field of Chiropody, while providing her patients with up to date progressive care.

Being a Specialized Health Care Professional, Antonietta has the experience of caring for all types of patient concerns and foot related issues, but definitely has a passion for Diabetes related foot care/Wound Management, Biomechanics and Sports Therapy.



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