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Clinic for Sale in Sault Ste Marie

posted on Dec 7, 2022

I am selling my Pedorthic practice.

Working as a Registered Chiropodist in this community will provide you an amazing experience in this well-established 27-year-old practice. As a result of my career as a Pedorthist, I live an amazing life. I travel when I like, I live in a beautiful home and community where I experience nature every day. I've raised a beautiful family and work every day I choose to enhance the lives of people by helping them to walk pain-free.

Do you want or do you know anyone that would want to live this kind of life? There is a well-established clientele who come in to be provided foot care, footwear, orthoses and compression socks regularly. My job gets easier every day. I would be willing to support an individual through a transition period. There is a well-established retail section of the business. We carry name-brand footwear that sells in any market. The business would work well for a Chiropodist, Podiatrist or Pedorthist.

Contact Rhonda Doan C Ped C, C Ped Tech, RCT, RPN @